Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh nature

Last night some of the RUF crew decided to go camping. The camping place was for the most part in the middle of nowhere and we quickly found out that you could actually see the stars really well. Something most of us aren't accustomed to. So about 5 of us decided to go out on the road and look at the stars. Who knew laying down on the path would be so cool.

I've always loved astronomy and the stars so it was pretty awesome. Aside from being able to see so many more stars than usual we were also able to see the milky way. The milky way is one of those things that you're not able to see very often so it was pretty cool. We also saw 5ish shooting stars. The combination of being able to see all those things reminds you of how neat the galaxy and all that stuff outside our solar system is.

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