Thursday, August 12, 2010

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm going to soon be the owner of a hedgehog. You might think that a hedgehog is kind of a weird pet but they're actually becoming really popular. The reason I want one is because 1) they're absolutely adorable 2) it's a hedgehog which is significantly more awesome than having a hamster or guinea pig.

The breeder (yes, there's hedgehog breeders) called the other day and said they had an albino one ready for adoption. But to be honest the albino ones are kinda bizarre looking and not nearly as cute as their darker counterparts. He also said there's a few newborns that are going to be ready in the next month or two.

So hopefully in a few months I'll have a cute little hedgehog pet. I'm thinking of naming it some sort of deity name because those always seem to sound really cool.

Just in case you were wondering how cute they are

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