Monday, December 7, 2009

The Magic Tree

I haven't been here yet but I plan on going. It looks beautiful. Here is the website that the guy put up about the tree. Read the few paragraphs that he has below the video. I especially love what he says in the first paragraph "The purpose of the Magic Tree is three fold. First and foremost it is a "senseless act of beauty". This idea, that there can be a senseless act of beauty is actually a misnomer for beauty all by itself has the supreme purpose of conveying the human/divine ideas of hope, goodness, peace and even love. Beauty has a way, when we recognize it, of putting us at ease while at the same time exciting us, paradoxical yes, but true. I think this particular paradox is better known as the state of joy. This is a healing state of mind that can have a powerful affect on heart, mind and soul not to mention the body. Acts of beauty, then, are always quite sensible." I like the fact that this guy thinks deeper than just "ooh bright lights on a tree."

Picture courtesy of my friend Matt

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