Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Silence. It's something we're not very familiar with. Everybody, including myself, has become so use to having the tv on, listening to music, talking to friends on facebook, while texting another friend, all while doing some other form of work (homework, taxes etc.) We've become so use to having a million and one distractions that whenever things get quiet and we're just sitting there, we get increasingly uncomfortable. I know several people that can't go to sleep unless music is playing. Silence is a topic I've been told about several times and it's a subject I like talking about. I believe that many people, unconsciencly, are fearful of silence, because silence leaves us alone with our own thoughts. Maybe that's why everybody is so stressed and unhappy. We do not set time aside to just think about things. People run to the computer, tv, or ipod whenever they have nothing else to do. Because running to those things blocks out our capacity to think about the world around us and focus on the virtual world that is feeding us information in front of us. We do not need to think when infront of electronics. Maybe I'm a hypocrite because I'm always in front of the computer or tv. For the last year or so I've started firmly believing in the fact that we need to have an electronics/distraction free moment every once in a while. It ends up being uncomfortable for a lot of people but it offers a whole lot more than what the tv can give.
The people that know me know that I'm an insane morning person. I woke up at 7:30 am every morning on vacation this last week just because. I've always been a morning person, that's just the way I'm built. But I think the reason why I continue to get up early even in the summer is because I've always loved being able to enjoy an hour or two of stress free moments before everybody gets up and the day starts. Alright I've said what I need to say and I'm getting off my soap box now.

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