Monday, June 8, 2009


While coming back from a week at Destin I was thinking about how powerful a community can be. It can either be extremely hurtful or extremely helpful. For now I'm going to focus on the helpful community. It's not often that a group of 65 people can spend a week together, and for the most part everybody feels comfortable hanging out with each other. Especially a group of teenagers. To make a long story short the last night (for a reason I have yet to figure out) a lot of people get kinda emotional. A select few feel comfortable enough to share personal issues that they deal with in daily life. The last thing most people naturally want to do is tell their personal secrets to a group of people, some of which they don't even know. Krew aims to be a place where kids can be themselves and can come to avoid being judged. I think that is why those people were comfortable sharing with the group, because they felt safe that everybody wouldn't judge them for their problems. By the end of the meeting that night when everybody was singing the last song, I did not see one person standing alone. Everybody had another person or a group of people they were hugging or hanging on to. There aren't many times and places where this kind of thing happens. The power of an encouraging community makes all the difference.

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