Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm kinda annoyed at myself because I'm actually starting to like some of the Kelly Clarkson songs. I've never really been into popular pop divas, for lack of a better term, but some of her songs are quite relatable. One song i've been paying attention to lately is one that we've all heard, "because of you". So I went on youtube and found the music video, it's very well done and does well depicting bad relationships between a father and daugher. Unfortunatelly whoever owns the rights to the video on youtube doesn't allow it to be copy and pasted so here's the link to the video. Even if can't stand her I'd still recomend watching it just for its moral value. and here's the link for the kelly and reba macentire version of the song. It focuses more on a bad/abusive relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend, an even more powerful video.

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