Friday, July 29, 2011

impressive moment of the day

I've got a reporter friend who's got a really cool blog. He made a new post, so naturally I went to read it because he's an amazing photographer and there's always cool pictures in his posts. He wrote about where the very well kept grass in Busch Stadium went during the U2 concert that was here in stl a few weekends ago. Turns out some of it was sent to my old high school Westminster Christian Academy. When I went there the school was fairly nondescript, lacking a lot of amenities that come with more modern built schools. They have been working on moving to a new campus since I was in 7th grade there, so quite a while. I knew they had big plans for this new campus but had no idea they were this big: 3 gyms, 2 theaters (which as a techie/stage crew person I would have been in heaven), 12 tennis courts, 2000 seat football stadium, and a softball field with Busch Stadium grass on it are just a few of the things that are coming with the school.

Well it looks like I'll be visiting my old school this next year.

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