Monday, June 13, 2011

movie review: x men first class

The other day I got to see X-Men: First class. I've always been a fan of the x-men movies, so the fact that I know all of them forward and backward really helped me enjoy the movie.

It tells the story of how some familiar mutants from the past movies like Xavier, Magneto, Beast and Mystique started off. It also introduces new ones like Banshee, Darwin, and Havok. It was an extremely good movie and I recommend everybody to see it even if they haven't seen the other ones.

The Good:
They did a good job showing the evolution of some familiar character's personalities and outlooks on life. Magneto for instance is an amazing character to see develop, because he was motivated by revenge his whole life, and the movie did a great job showing his development. I was also interested in seeing Mystique's progression. She wasn't a huge character in the other movies, but in this one she was definitely one of the characters the movie focused on most. Her progression is easily second most interesting to Magneto's.

Secondly, it was really well cast. The best actor by far was Xavier played by James McAvoy. Most of the main characters were really good actors. I wasn't a big fan of the acting of the Emma Frost character, but she's not a pivotal character so it's not worth worrying about. If you're not a fan I encourage you to see the movie if only to see the great acting. As an added bounus Wolverine makes a quick 5 second cameo to offer some comic relief.

Thirdly, the action was everything you'd expect an x-men movie to be. Put people with superpowers (or in this case mutations) in any movie and it's going to offer up good fight and action scenes. I was especially a fan of Havok's mutation. He can shoot really powerful Cyclopse-esque lasers from his chest. As expected the fight scenes were spectacularly done. My favorite scene was when they were on the beach (I'm trying not to give the scene away, but when you see it you'll understand)

The bad:
There's really not much at all I can complain about. There were a few hiccups that were inconsistent with the other movies. But, I only noticed this because I've seen the x-men trilogy way too many times. The only real noticeable one was when Magneto gets the helmet that block's Xavier's powers. In the first x-men movie Xavier says that he know about the helmet when he clearly sees Magneto wearing it in one of the last scenes. And honestly, that's about all I can complain about.

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