Friday, March 4, 2011

cool article

some journalism students here at MU are doing a 'dirty jobs' type of project. If you aren't aware of the show 'dirty jobs' it follows around a guy named Mike Rowe who does various "dirty jobs" for a day. It's one of my favorite shows on Discovery Channel.

Apparently these students had to find dirty jobs around Columbia and report on them. Here's the pretty cool article. I love the article because the wording they use is perfect, and I laugh because throwing rats around is just a part of my daily routine. And plus my friend Michelle is quoted in it saying "ah, I don't want to use the monster rat" and I literally laughed out loud because that's completely something she would say and I read it in her voice.

My main point of this article is that if you scroll through the pictures at the bottom there's a few of me holding Emma, one of our red tails.

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