Sunday, July 11, 2010

tour de donut part 2

So, yesterday was easily the best day of the summer, if not one of the better days in recent memory. The race was in this very homey little town of 5000 in southern illinois. From what we could see it looked like this was the big event of the year. The first few miles were lined with people clapping and ringing cowbells on their front lawns. Of the 32 miles we rode about 30 of them took place on back roads surrounded with a lot of corn.

We honestly could not have asked for a more beautiful day to race. The sky was blue, and the weather wasn't very humid. It was split into a 10-12-10 mile intervals with donuts at each stop. The middle 12 miles were the worst because it was pretty much all hills, and with the combination of me not being a biker and having a mountain bike, it wasn't easy. Luckily a few of the other people I was with also had mountain bikes.

Afterwards there was a huge bbq "downtown" which was amazing. To top the day off I got to see Wicked that night and as usual it was AMAZING! so enjoy a few of the pics I was able to snag.

(hence the name tour de donuts)

(beginning of the race)

(we were with some good bikers who do this regularly)

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