Monday, March 8, 2010

one more on the injury count

So funny story...well actually it's not funny at all but I will tell you anyways. I was at an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend in st. louis(which was absolutely gorgeous: 55 degrees and sunny) and we were playing against texas tech. I was guarding a girl who had the disk and when she went to throw it, her elbow nailed me straight in the nose. It hurt but I thought nothing of it until 10 seconds later when blood started pouring out of my nose like a faucet. So I go over to the sidelines and use up about half a roll of papertowels trying to stop the bleeding. After about 5ish minutes when the blood starts to slow down I feel my nose and.....yup it doesn't feel the same as it use to. The bump I have on the top of my nose is now slightly to the left.

Now I can ad broken nose to my ever growing list of injured body parts. At the moment it's giving me a killer headache because it hasn't been reset yet. But by the way my friend (who has had his nose broken twice) made it sound it hurts to get it reset. I resisted the urge to make it my facebook status because it seems like one of those things that screams "give me attention and comment on this status update" so I decided to write it here instead

incase you were wondering what I have injured in my lifetime:
-broken knee in 4th grade (which can only happen when you're little cause of flexible bones)
-left ankle sprained twice
-right ankle sprained twice
-dislocated hip (worst pain ever)
-broken nose

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